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My naked girl friend got fucked in front of her stepmom

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By me, of course. I was the one to fuck my naked girl friend in front of her mommy. Let's rewind a bit. I was talking with my girlfriend in regards to me fucking her pussy.
She says that she's afraid of taking my cock because a) she's a virgin b) my cock is too big. Bet none of you had a girl tell you that your cock is too big, but anyway, moving on. I stormed off after she rebuffed my advances once again.

Some time later, I get a phone call from her an I generously decide to come back. I see her and her stepmom waiting for me on the couch. The stepmom said that her stepdaughter has told her all about our size issues, so she's gonna be a good supportive parent and help her stepdaughter through this painful experience. My dick's so big that girls call their moms for help. Beat that.

I expose my naked mega cock and the two sluts starting sucking on it. I then get to see the stepmom eat her daughter's naked pussy. I decide to take it from there, eating my girlfriend's pussy as her stepmom strips naked and lets me finger-blast her. Good times, huh? I also eat her stepmom out because I love licking mature naked pussies.

Anyway, after paying my dues I finally stick my dick inside of my girlfriend's naked pussy as her mommy tries to calm her down. After like two seconds of going slow, I start increasing the pace and jackhammering that naked pussy. I'm great at sex with virgins.

So, I then get to experience a different, older pussy. This mature naked slut rides my cock as her stepdaughter decides to suck on her titties. Real tender stepmother/stepdaughter moment, that. There's some more nipple sucking and ass eating, that kinda thing.

Finally, I get to fuck my naked girlfriend some more. Despite being a virgin just two minutes ago, she's suddenly amazing at sex. Her naked stepmom (who does NOT look like James May) rides my cock some more, then my naked girlfriend rides my cock some more, it's honestly all a blur by this point in time.

In the end, I get these two naked girls begging to receive my load. An alpha male like me can afford to do shit like that! Enjoy watching me.