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My naked girl friend didn't put out, so I fucked her stepmom instead!

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My naked girl friend is the hottest bitch you've ever seen. Check out her pretty face caked in make-up. Did you get hard yet? Hahaha, that's what I thought. Anyway, I'm here to tell you about the day I fucked my girlfriend's stepmom. Shit was so cash!
So, there was a fine day when my girlfriend refused to put out. I mean, what's wrong with that bitch? Did she forget that I have a 10+ inch boner? So, we were having this awful conversation on the balcony and I had to go inside to process all of that. I found her stepmom on all fours, cleaning the bathroom in her purple lingerie. Like any red-blooded male, I decided to whip out my throbbing dick and started jerking it right on the spot.

The stepmom quickly busted me, but she thinks that masturbating at someone isn't gross, but totally hot instead (after I explained my situation, of course). She started sucking on my naked cock while still wearing those rubber gloves, I proceeded to violently face-fuck her. Gotta make that bitch drool! Then I put the camera in such a way that you can see me railing her naked pussy from behind. I look like a bald, goateed ogre, by the way!!

So while I was fucking that mature cunt, my girlfriend walked in on us. That bitch. Anyway, me and her stepmom managed to sweet-talk her into joining us. Stepmom showed her how to suck/jerk a naked cock properly before shoving her away. This jealousy-fueled blowjob contest ended when my naked girlfriend decided to ride my MONSTER cock as her stepmom caressed her breasts.

So, that shit was so hot, dude.
Then I got her naked stepmom to ride my cock in reverse cowgirl, so I could stare at her bubble butt. Fucking A, man! So, later I was fucking my naked girlfriend's pussy in doggy while she was eating her stepmom's dripping cunt.

Ultimately, I stacked the naked girls in this 69-esque position. I was drilling my girlfriend's naked pussy as her naked stepmom licked my fucking balls. How fucking amazing is that? Oh, wait I have a better question - what have YOU done with your life, man?