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I came in my sister’s and her sexy friend’s pussies after the girls helped me study for my anatomy exam

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I have an anatomy exam coming up and I just can’t get myself to start studying.I really need to find some way to unwind before I get into it, otherwise, I won’t get anywhere with
I have an anatomy exam coming up and I just can’t get myself to start studying.I really need to find some way to unwind before I get into it, otherwise, I won’t get anywhere with it.Luckily for me, my step sister has her hot brunette friend over for a studying session.

They’re young and oblivious, I’m sure I can get something out of them.I go in her room and glance at them.The girls are both wearing some cute schoolgirl clothing and I’m dying to find out what’s underneath it all.

I tell them about my anatomy exam and ask them if they could help.The girls are already studying so why wouldn’t they help a guy in need.If only they knew my true intentions with them.

My sister’s friend offers to help me and goes up to my room.I tell her that she needs to get naked, so she flips up her miniskirt to let me take her panties off.Reaching out to slide my fingers up and down her beautiful pussy slit, I gradually insert two fingers into her tight twat.

Her little pee hole is so tight, warm and moist.The girl feels a twinge of guilt that she’s playing around with her best friend’s brother, so she retreats to the living room.My stepsister, being the gullible teen that she is, agrees to help me too and I ask her to go to a different room for a minute.

I stand her in front of me and ask her to take off all of her clothes.The little blonde is taken away for a second and asks me if I’m serious, and I reassure her that it’s all for my anatomy exam and that there is nothing to worry about.After all, who would want to stand in the way of science and research?

So, she listens to me and starts taking everything off.The sexy blonde teen reveals her gorgeously big tits and asks what else she’s supposed to do.I tell her to bend over on the bed and I start snooping around her tight teen pussy.

I’ve never seen such beautiful naked ass, with cheeks spread wide open.My step sister has a wonderful ass, so lovely little asshole and a pretty pussy!Right there, I pull out my already hard cock and start stroking it against her entrance.

After all, she’s only my stepsister so there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun with her, right?After a bit of preparation, I slide it in and start fucking my slutty sis until I start hearing her moan from all the pleasure she’s getting.Her incredible round ass is just amazing and I can’t stop fucking her.

While I’m fucking her in doggy position, I grab hold of her hair and pull it back.I swear this shit does it for me and I know I’m about to cum.I turn my sister around and get her on her knees before unloading my hot cum all over her mouth and her cute face.

The little whore takes it with a bright smile on her face.My slut of a sister sits on the bed and right then, her friend walks into the room and I know exactly where I want this to go.A threesome with my sister and her friend would be fucking amazing, so I manage to convince her to join us.

Soon enough my sis is taking the slutty brunette’s panties off and I can see her tight pussy is dripping wet.I lie down on the bed and two naked girls start sucking on my balls and giving me a nice blowjob.