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Young Petite Teen Dare

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My name is Lorna I’m 18, sexy naked girl, I’m small and have cuddly body ( it’s better than saying fat ), firm breasts. I hangout with my friends Ellie and Kate, both my age. We started to play dares, started off touching each other or kissing but as time moved on became more daring.
Kate was dared to go into boys toilet and sit in cubicle with door open and pee and let boys watch, she did. Ellie was dared to sit in class pantieless and flash her pussy at teacher, she did. Week went by and the two of them said I was dared to go into boys changing room naked and let the boys grope me.

After a lot teasing I said ok. Rules Ellie said 1 naked 2 for at least half a hour, 3 wouldn’t try to stop any guy feeling me. We were around corridor near boys room, I started stripping naked even my shoes removed. I looked around no one to be seen so opened door and walked in, omg there was about 5 boys inside in various state of undress, between 15 and 17 looking straight at me. Nervously I stood, what we got here chaps one said and walked over to me.

He studied my body and started having a grope, everyone watched as he run his fingers over my bum and then breasts. Is this a dare he said, without words I nodded yes. For how long he asked, 30 minutes I uttered. OK he said and grabbed me by the hand led me to a bench and sat me down. He sat beside me and opened my legs showing my hairy pussy.

He started to run his fingers through my pubic hair and pussy lips, my heart was going faster and was panicking. When another boy started to grope my tits they all came over and started feeling my body, omg I was hoping time would move quick it felt like it stopped.

The first boy’s finger entered my pussy, I moaned as he fingered me, this wasn’t part of the dare I thought. Then felt one suck my tit. I was told to lie down on bench, I did as I was told then watched as one boy removed his pants offering me his cock, I stroked it then started to suck him, the fingers in my pussy were replaced by a cock, omg I’m going to get my cherry popped.

After a few hard pushes he broke me in and was fucking me hard to a great cheer, then felt him cum inside me. O God then felt the other shoot his load in my mouth. I don’t know how long I was in there but they all took turns to wank over me and cover me in sperm.

I got up and walked out of door. Naked girls Ellie and Kate looked shocked as cum was running down my legs and my mouth and covered my tits. They cleaned me up and agreed I want that round of dares next time too.