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My girlfriend wanted to try sex toys and handcuffs so we spent some time playing with those

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I have to brag.I have the hottest blonde girlfriend ever!She’s so exquisitely hot that I rush home from work to fuck her every single day!

She loves waiting for me at home, usually
I have to brag.I have the hottest blonde girlfriend ever!She’s so exquisitely hot that I rush home from work to fuck her every single day!

She loves waiting for me at home, usually wearing something very sexy!I come inside and there’s that hottie, wearing exquisite lingerie!She’s outstandingly beautiful and her face is the first thing I want to see in the morning!

Her body?That’s a story for itself since she’s really burning hot!As I opened the bedroom door – there she was, almost naked on the bed with all those toys on the out bed!

She says that she’s waiting for me and go crazy from seeing her naked, as I always do!She says she wants to try all those sex toys, and I noticed that she already putt handcuffs on her hands!I got horny very fast and a want my dick in this sexy thing as soon as possible!

But, you can’t think only of yourself if you want to satisfy a woman!So I came close to her, thrown her on the bed and grabbed her butt cheeks with both of my hands while she laid there on the bed with her legs high in the air, making a beautiful thick pussy lip sandwich!I skillfully removed her thong to reach her little pink pussy!

I wanted to lick it all day long!I love feeling as she’s getting hornier with each stroke that my tongue makes between her meaty pussy lips!I started licking and fucking her with my tongue and her screams were the best certificate that I was doing it right!

I spread her pink lips and fondled her clit.I licked her a bit longer and decided to take this show a bit further!I spanked her pussy a bit longer and used my hands to spread it wide!

It was time for the first sex toy!I took a huge black dildo and started fucking her horny little pussy!Her moaning was so fucking sexy that I had a lot of trouble be patient and wait for my turn!

I could see my sexy babe wanted my dick in her mouth!My naked girlfriend gets on her feet, pulls my pants down and puts my big shaft in her mouth!She starts to blow it like a pornstar and gags on it hard!

She’s making the sounds as if my dick was the tastiest thing she ever tried!I just love looking at my cute blondie swallowing that dick while her hands are tied!She looks at me and says that she wants my dick in her tight little pussy and that she wants it now!

I put my sexy naked girl on the bed, tied her legs together, moved her thong aside and started fucking that pink pussy as hard as I can!Her beautiful feet are next to my face as her legs are up in the air!I kept fucking her for some time and massaging her feet until I saw that she’s ready for another crazy position!

I penetrated that little pussy with my big dick as hard as I could, and she loved it!I wanted to pound her from behind so fucking bed, so I turned her around, put her arms on her back and started pounding her in a doggy style!I could feel that her pussy was on fire!

This little slut can sure take it!I kept slapping that butt a bit longer!She jumps to her feet and decides to take the initiative!

She laid me on the bed and started to ride my cock as a naughty little cowgirl!This bitch was so excited to ride that dick, and she loves to bounce on it while her blonde hair is waving in the air!I could see that she could do this for hours, but I wasn’t that far from coming!

As she kept riding me, I was impatient to see my cum all over that beautiful naked body!I finally got to my feet and watched as my cum drips all over that face!She loved it!