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Incredibly hot chocolate lady fucked her lover in the bath while hubby was still in the house

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Moriah is one smoking hot black big booty babe who is taking her bubble bath.As she’s doing so she called her man who is fucking her on the side.She has an old man for a husband who just
Moriah is one smoking hot black big booty babe who is taking her bubble bath.As she’s doing so she called her man who is fucking her on the side.She has an old man for a husband who just can’t get it up and do it like this dude can so she had to call him up so that she titty fucks him and to get a bit of that vitamin D.

As he came into the bathroom where she was naked playing with herself, he took his clothes off and entered that Jacuzzi.He had a huge hard on that the sexy black babe sucked off immediately.She loves sucking on his huge rod and she has something to suck on too.

The dude then got a sweet titty fuck from her.Those jugs could hold an elephants dick, how big they are.This babe is fantastic, those big ass tits with those pretty eyes are devastating!

DAMN WHAT AN INCREDIBLY HOT CHOCOLATE LADY!As they were making noise, her husband heard her and entered the bathroom.Moriah dove the dude’s head under water and hid him from her husband’s sight.

As he entered the bathroom, there she was, the apple of his eye, just cleaning herself up, since she is a precious little angel having her beauty bath.The bitch, if he only knew!As the old man left the bathroom, her fucker rose above the water and wanted to show this babe something that he came here to do.

He gave her his huge white dick and she began to ride his dick enthusiastically, her big ass bouncing up and down violently in rhythm to her rising and falling on his hard shaft.Don’t miss this scene if you like bathtub scenes.Holy shit her fucking ass is so big and nice.

Water loudly splashing over the side with each thrust.It’s amazing to see that ass bounce beautifully on some dick.He bent the naked babe over, pressed her against that marble wall and fucked the crap out of her clean pussy.

Her boobs were pressing against the wall and he even slapped her tattooed ass a couple of times as she was his bitch.He was giving it to her real hard, to the point that she wanted to cum on his dick.The dude then changed the pace and dove his whole head into her asshole.

That was the best rimjob Moriah got and she wanted that dick in her ass.The dude continued with her pussy doggy style as that butt was shaking all the time.He even grabbed her by her hair and pulled on it.

Moriah loves it when she becomes a sex object to men.Later on, the exited the bath and fucked on the cold marble floor.The ebony hottie was on top of him in a cowgirl position and her boobs were bouncing like crazy up and down.

Sumptuous jumbo tits and a remarkably massive ass… fuckin’ awesome!That wet and warm hole was so good on his dick.The pussy was so damn good to the cock that the bloke had to fuck her sideways missionary style.

His pecker was long and smooth just the way the ebony slut loves it.He fucked that pink pussy of her’s like it was the last cunt he’s ever going to go inside of.The man had a passion for fucking and who can blame him when he has a stunning big ass big boobs black bitch who wants to eat his dick and get fucked by him.

It was a marvel that he didn’t cum before but now, the time has come for him to actually cum.He didn’t want to waste his sperm on a lame place to cum like in the water.As the dude was contemplating on his cumshot target, Moriah’s hips were doing all the work.