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My naked sister was taking a bath with me and started to play with my dick

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I was in the bathtub and my slutty little stepsis went into the bathroom to change, got naked and got in the bath!She decided to take a bath with me!This little blonde has got the most beautiful, firm
I was in the bathtub and my slutty little stepsis went into the bathroom to change, got naked and got in the bath!She decided to take a bath with me!This little blonde has got the most beautiful, firm and young body that love being inside of.

Those perfect tits and round ass have been a subject of my fantasy from the day we met.As she was sitting beside me in a warm bath, she asked me if she could touch my dick.The tiny naked girl started giving a hand job with her soft hands and I was really excited and couldn’t wait to see what will happen next.

She was all wet and looked amazing.I wanted to bang this little bitch so hard that I pulled her over and made her suck my big dick.She came close, took my dick in her hand and started sucking it and shoving that dick deep into her mouth.

The biggest party is about to begin.As her tongue started caressing my rod, I felt my desire rose as a huge wave.I kept thinking about bending her over and fucking her brains out, but I had to be patient and let her get a taste of my prick.

We went to my bedroom to fuck!It was time for my sister to get some oral too.The young naked girl laid on the bed with her legs open wide and started staring at me with those beautiful green eyes while I lick her pink little pussy.

Her sweet pussy feels amazing and just love going over her clit with my tongue.I felt her pussy contracting when I pressed the tip of my tongue against her clitoris.She goes crazy and loves the way in which I always prepare her for the wildest fucking.

I wanted to be inside her so bad that I decided not to waste any more time.I spread her legs and started pushing my erect cock into that little cunt.My step sister smiles with the smile of a goddess.

Her beautiful hair shattered on the bed when I started fucking her slowly with picking the speed up.The faster I fucked her, the louder she was.As she was lying there, I felt the warmest sensation with my cock inside her snatch.

I wanted for that feeling to never go away.Her eyes gave me the biggest inspiration to give her the best sex of her life.I decided to push harder deep into her little cunt.

I grabbed her legs and started pounding that pussy really hard while she screamed really loud.After a while, she felt she wants to take over the control and ride my cock like a professional.She’s a great cheerleader which she demonstrated when she started jumping at a nice pace on my cock with her great ass facing me.

The petite naked girl was sliding on my dick up and down all the way to my balls.I helped her by moving her tiny body in an upper direction and pounded her little pussy as hard as I could.She lost her mind after this position!

I lifted her legs, tilted her body back some more and started hammering her pussy from below.I completely supported her small body with my hands so her hands were free to caress her beautiful dreamy tits.She squeezes her stiff nipples while I kept increasing the speed I was fucking her at.

Her young pussy felt so great while I shoved my huge dick inside her over and over again.It was time to finish this girl for good.I tossed her on the bed, bent her over and started smashing her vagina from behind.

She supported her body with her hands on the bed and enjoyed enormously each time I banged and slapped her ass.The teen girl was very close to the most intensive orgasm.I started fucking her deeper and harder since I was almost on the verge of an orgasm.

I pulled her hair, brought her close to me and filled that innocent little mouth with a big load of cum.She swallowed each drop of my warm cum and thanked me for an incredible fucking that I just gave her!