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Banging my sister’s hot best friends during a sleepover at our place

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Have you ever had hot young girls sleeping over at your house and had the urge to sneak in on them and check out their pussies with your dick while they sleep?If this happens to be your fantasy you’ll
Have you ever had hot young girls sleeping over at your house and had the urge to sneak in on them and check out their pussies with your dick while they sleep?If this happens to be your fantasy you’ll never find a more suitable video than this.Our parents were out of the town and my sister decided to host slumber party with her slutty friends!

Her friends are so fucking hot, and the way the girls looked at me as they walked through the door and locked themselves up in my sister’s bedroom!I can only imagine all the sorts of dirty, sexy, kinky shit these young sluts were doing!I put my ear against the door and I could hear them laughing, screaming, probably dancing to the loud music in the background.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t see anything through the keyhole.Soon it all got quiet, the girls were probably sleeping, and I decided to sneak in!They were all sleeping on my sister’s bed, wearing cute pajamas.

I grabbed their camera and began filming the sleeping girls.I became a little more brave to sneak a peek between their ass cheeks.Before long I began to fondling their pussies while still being careful to not wake them.

Then I got really bold and I woke one of her friends up, putting my cock on her face!I couldn’t wait any longer to sink my erect dick deep into one of the beautiful pussies that awaits me.When the sister’s friend saw my raging erection, she was more than happy to take care of it!

She opened her mouth and took my cock, holding my scrotum, fuck!This teen slut sucked and stroked it, drooling all over my member while her friends slept, keeping it quiet so we wouldn’t wake the girls up.This was a dream cum true, finally!

My cock was drenched in her warm spit as she licked and sucked my balls, getting down on all fours and releasing the crotch area of her pajamas so I could fuck her dripping wet 18 year old pussy as she got down on all fours and showed me her sexy bubble butt!She wanted me to fuck her hard right next to her naked, sleeping friend.I fucked her sweet twat doggy style while her friend and my sister slept next to her, fucking hot!

She flipped over and spread her legs so I could fuck her in missionary position, her pajama’s top opened up and showing her nice tits and puffy nipples.The naughty young girl played with her tits and rubbed her clit as I hammered her and we both came!Her pussy was so tight and hot and moist, she took my cock into her mouth and I started pumping my cum into her mouth.

When I finished cumming, she opened her mouth and her mouth was empty.She had swollowed all my cum and fell asleep!I went back to my room, but I was still horny and hard as a rock!

I decided to go back in and woke up her other friend this time!She was also glad to see me pay her a nighttime visit, sucking my hard cock and spreading her legs so I could pound her dripping wet pussy in missionary position.My dick was wet in sperm, I had no problem sliding it right in her tight little pussy.

The only issue was that I couldn’t ram her too hard, or else she would scream and wake up the other girls!I really enjoyed fucking her young pussy, making sure I didn’t wake up my sister in the process.Too bad she didn’t bring along a third friend to fuck her too!

Meanwhile, a very intense feeling was growing in my balls and I thought they were going to explode.I just couldn’t stop fucking this girl’s pussy faster and faster and she screamed and woke the girs up, fuck!My sister saw me fucking her friends, and all the girls knelt down in front of me, trying to catch all the jets of my cum, squirting out of me.

The best slumber party ever!