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Having the hottest tantric fuck with my personal yoga instructor

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Happy YogaDay everyone!I celebrated it with the queen of ASScrobatic maneuvers.I’m at that age when you have to start watching what you eat and working out, but I have very bad discipline.

Happy YogaDay everyone!I celebrated it with the queen of ASScrobatic maneuvers.I’m at that age when you have to start watching what you eat and working out, but I have very bad discipline.

I always wanted to practice yoga, but I felt uncomfortable taking group classes, so I decided to hire a private yoga teacher.She arrived on time and she looked hot!My personal yoga instructor was a hot babe with amazing ass and tits.

She put her mat on the floor and started showing me the basic poses, but I was having a hard time paying attention, since I was fixated on her beautiful body and perfect bubble shaped ass!Watching her flex and twist her beautiful anatomy was giving me a huge boner!I’m sure she noticed, and she liked it, because her poses kept getting more sensual and erotic!

She was the sexiest girl I’d ever seen, in magazines, movies, or videos, my cock swelled in my pants.Her ass was in perfect proportion to the long, lean body, her legs that were very firmly muscled.By the way, I had been single for a while and suffering from dangerous sperm backup levels.

She did all those sexy yoga positions and I just thought that Id like to see her get smacked around and fucked hard in that sexy ass, then cum down her throat!When she twisted herself into a human pretzel, I almost cum in my shorts!We started exercising together, face to face and my dick slipped out of my shorts!

A part of her didn’t know if to get mad or get turned on, but her hungry pussy made the final judgment and went with the second option.Just imagine her surprise when she saw my naked dick, lol!She was pretty shocked at first, but then she just smiled and told me it was okay, she was quite flattered to be causing me such a massive erection!

She said she could help me with it as she stripped naked and got down on all fours, offering me her beautiful bubble shaped ass to play with!I almost blew my load right there when she raised her sexy ass and her juicy ass cheeks opened.She could tell by my huge boner that her naked yoga had me aroused, and by the naughty way she grinded her bubble shaped ass and exposed her pussy to me, I knew she wanted me to fuck her hard.

I began to touch her private parts, her sexy ass, her ass crack, sticking my fingers right up her pussy and touching her little ass hole when she did yoga bridge.Her pussy slit was slightly open with swollen lips pushing out each side, completely bare of hair on either side.The pubic hair was neatly trimmed for her bikini in a classic triangle right above her slit.

After groping and fondling her ass she got on all fours and began sucking my member and letting me fuck her mouth.She stroked my dick, licked it and even sucked my balls and then she squatted on top of my cock, impaling her dripping wet pussy on it and making her hot body and nice tits bounce up and down my meaty pole.I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched my dick going in and out of her twat but I was ready to give her tight flexible body a hardcore pounding.

This hot babe first ride me in a cowgirl, then in a reverse cowgirl, with her lovely ass projecting out right in my camera, performing a split as she made her juicy bubble butt bounce up and down my shaft.Then the hottie with the sweetest ass and badass attitude put her legs behind her head, this really was a fantastic position, highly recommended!I popped my dick between her buns impatiently and fucked her tight pussy and it was really hot.

At the end I was gushing sperm like mad, all over her pretty face and open mouth, and she was swallowing!I thought maybe yoga wasn’t my thing, but I love this hot sexual nude yoga with my instructor!