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Lucky guy fucks his naked girl friend and her sexy stepmommy

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He spends Christmas at his girlfriend's family house. Obviously, he wants his naked girl friend to stick around after midnight, so he could fuck her juicy pussy. He actually sees a great-looking pussy underneath the Christmas tree and thinking that it belongs to his half naked girlfriend, he decides to shove his cock inside.
In a shocking turn of events, his girlfriend wakes up and almost catches him in the act. What's also shocking is that there are TWO women on this green earth that find this guy attractive enough to fuck. Crazy. Anyway, being a huge Lonely Island fan, this guy shoves his dick in the box. The girl opens the box and immediately gets ready to suck it. It's his dick in the box, babe, it's very hot.

The stepmom shows up accompanied by her new hubby, the girl's dad. The father here promptly falls asleep in a chair as his biological daughter strips naked and proceeds to double-team the guy's dick (in the box) with his new wife.

We see the dark-haired MILF strip naked before riding that young naked cock in reverse cowgirl. Her stepdaughter is helping her keep up with the pace, so everything is just fine. We're seeing some amazing team work here.

We then see the guy fuck this naked stepdaughter's pussy as she makes out with her stepmom and they exchange some very kind words. By the way, the naked stepdaughter is extremely, distractingly tanned. Watching her Oompa Loompa pussy get fucked is quite in an experience.

So, everyone in this scene is loud as fuck, but that still doesn't wake up the father. Maybe somebody needs to check his vital signs once they're done fucking. Anyway, after the naked teen gets her trimmed pussy fucked, we see the two naked girls stacked on top of each other. The guy now can choose which pussy he wants to fuck, and he seemingly likes them older.

There's some more hot action in this scene before the time runs out, you're not going to believe some of the shit that these two naked girls do in order to out-slut each other. Enjoy watching, it's going to be a great one.