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Young naked girl and her stepmom enjoy an FFM at their BnB

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BnB, of course, stands for bang'n'breakfast. The young half naked girl and her stepmom make a fortune by finding college students that are willing to stay at their place and pay a little bit extra to enjoy some steamy action on the side. That's just genius business there – prostituting yourself AND your stepdaughter!
We see an annoyingly curly-haired dude show up. The tanned tall teen shows him to his room before stripping totally naked to make him feel more at home. So, like a good hooker, she asks him to take off those pants. She looks real pleased once she sees his naked cock. By this point, it's unclear who should be paying who. The naked girl sucks on his ghostly pale cock and even goes as far as to take his balls into her mouth. What a filthy slut she is!

Speaking of filthy sluts, her stepmom shows up to see how he's settling. She sees her naked stepdaughter sucking that dick on her knees and that fills her up with pride, obviously. The stepmom decides to take her place alongside her naked stepdaughter and the two suck the guy's dick to the VERY best of their abilities. Talk about room service, right?

After they finish orally servicing the guy's naked cock, the stepdaughter climbs on top of him and starts sliding her barely legal pussy up and down that huge meat rod. Her naked stepmom rubs her clit along the way.

After a lengthy cowgirl session, we see the naked stepmom take her stepdaughter's place. The naked teen takes a more assertive approach – she just sits on this dude's face as he eats her out.

Stepmom and stepdaughter kiss a lot during the course of this sensational FFM threesome, it's apparent how much they love each other. Near the end of the video, the guy stacks two naked girls on top of each other, taking turns banging their pussies and mixing their juices in the process.

The stepdaughter is clearly the one that wants it more, so there's that. At the very end, you're going to see hardcore doggy style, passionate cunnilingus, and of course a great money shot.