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Naked girl squirts buckets during sex with her mom!

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SMASH CUT TO – dark-haired teen in pink panties masturbating furiously while watching naked girls squirt on her stepmom's laptop. The girl doesn’t get to cum because she sees her stepmom coming home thru the window.
The stepmom opens up her laptop to check her email and notices a few suspicious titles in her browsing history. Ever heard of using incognito mode?

Anyway, she decides to sit her stepdaughter down to discuss this whole squirting porn thing. She says that it's healthy for a young, hormonal teenager to be interested in other girls, their pussies, and squirting. She says that she's open-minded and can help the girl squirt if she wants her to.

The stepdaughter strips naked immediately, spreads her legs and lets the stepmom work her magic. The naked teen squirts almost instantaneously as her stepmom frantically fist-fucks her pussy. After the first explosive orgasm, stepmom licks her and fists her some more, eventually bringing the orgasm tally to four. Four fucking orgasms in the span of five minutes, tops. This is crazy.

Now the thick stepmom also wants to cum. She asks her stepdaughter to fist her pussy as her legs tremble in anticipation. The short-haired naked girl quickly gets her stepmom to squirt all over the couch.

Of course, in her attempts to outperform the young girl, the stepmom gives this girl at least a thousand orgasms and this chick cums at least a bajillion times before the clip ends. At one point she squirts from hectic pussy slapping, believe it or not. These two naked beauties are deadly efficient when it comes to making each other squirt. How do they do this?

At any rate, at the end of this clip, after enjoying approximately bajillion gazillion orgasms, the two naked girls opt out to try something they haven't really explored before – scissoring.

Watching them scissor like crazy is a fine way to finish off such a passionate scene with such a high overall orgasm tally. Be sure to check out even more great stepmom/stepdaughter lesbian action.
P.S. RIP to the ruined couch.