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Two half naked girls service my dick – my future stepsister and her mom

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These half naked girls are going to get me off in no time! For now, let's set the scene. It's the 4th of July. I believe that what happens with me here is the vision of greatness that the founding fathers probably had in mind when they decided to build this beautiful country from the ground up.
I mean, fucking your stepsister or fucking your stepmom? That's as American as American gets. Banging your relatives is the very fabric of the Americana. The same COULD NOT be said about flipping burgers while getting cucked, but my dad's a total loser, y'know.

So, I didn't really have to do anything to seduce my stepmom and stepsister besides just being my exceptionally good-looking self. The two beauties flock to my cock as soon as I land my ass in that wicker chair. They start sucking my naked cock and balls together, shit was SO cash.

New mom got up to let me suck on her naked titties. That's just something that I love doing with my mommies! Anyway, yeah, I got to tit-fuck my mom later on while my new sister was distracting my dad. I then fucked my sister's naked pussy from behind while my dad, now a full-fledged cuck, was spouting "interesting" facts that nobody gives a flying fuck about.

At one point of this video, I fucked my mom's naked pussy from behind as she tried to stay silent while also trying not to eat her daughter's ass. OMG, that stuff is so hot! She then busted out her naked titties and got to fuck them once again!

Then mom took off her panties and I got to fuck her hairy pussy on a recliner while my dad kept on rattling off factoids at the request of my half naked sister. She was in on the joke, shooting knowing glances back at us.

Then it was mom's turn to distract dad as I power-fucked my sister's naked teen pussy. Wow it was amazing especially since the half naked girl (my sister) deiced to put some goofy shades for no good reason! I got to fuck 2/4th of my family on the 4th of July, so I'm pretty happy with the experience overall. I think that every family that is TRULY American should do this.