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Two naked girls, mom and daughter, get fucked together to avoid doing time

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Blackmailing a woman and her child into fucking him? That guy's winning at life! Anyway, want to see how did it come to this? Wanna hear how these two naked girls got NOT sexually assaulted?
So, this loss prevention officer (who's totally NOT a sexual predator) busts a mom/daughter shoplifting duo. He threatens jail time unless they do something about it. The mom doesn't want charges pressed against them, so she is forced to strip in front of her own daughter. This is sexy stuff right here!

The two girls strip naked and the guy starts caressing the mom's breasts as the naked teen stares at her in horror. That same naked teen looks like she's about to cry once the guy pulls down his pants and shoves his smelly cock into her face, urging her to suck it. Once again, this is healthy and sexy and totally consensual stuff right here!

The guy alternates between fucking mom's and daughter's faces, forcing them to watch each other get completely dehumanized. He then makes them lay down on his desk as he takes turn fucking them.

At one point, the naked daughter comes close to breaking down, but doesn't, she keeps a brave face because it's all just good-natured old stuff. Who wouldn't want to see their mom cowgirl it up on some guy's dick? Especially if that happens in a seedy, tiny backroom, of course.

Anyway, near the end of the video, the young naked girl is forced to sit there and watch her mom get fucked from behind in the doggy style position as the guy loudly smacks that naked ass. The mom tries her best to avoid eye contact with her daughter because this has to NOT the worst but the greatest moment of her life.

So, this NON traumatizing scene comes to a satisfying conclusion once the NOT assailant blows his load all over their naked bodies and forces them to lick cum off of each other.

The naked girls leave this backroom unscathed and totally sane. This is some sexy stuff that only cool people enjoy (you included)! Can't wait to see more of that NON creepy porn!