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Stepmom's lessons for an aspiring squirter, i.e. a naked girl, i.e. her stepdaughter

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This naturally curvy teen stepdaughter is getting ready for a very special evening with her BF. The not yet naked girl enlists her stepmom's help. She wants this stunning cougar to help her with lingerie choice.
As you can clearly tell, the stepmom is horny right from the get-go, so he talks her stepdaughter into taking that bra off to expose her naked breasts. She notices that those naked nips are erect, so she starts playing around with them. After that gets boring, stepmom decides to up the ante by exposing HER naked nipples. One thing leads to another and we see the stepmom taking the stepdaughter's panties off and stuffing them into her mouth.

Once the action really gets going, the stepmom promises to teach the naked girl how to squirt. She rubs her clits while the girl keeps those panties between her teeth. As it turns out, stepmom is able to walk the walk as good as she talks the talk – young girl squirts within seconds. Luckily for her, stepmom is not fished yet!

She eats the teen's hairy naked pussy, in hopes of getting her to squirt a second time.
This mind-blowing lesbian sex session gets interrupted once the husband (the naked girl's father) shows up. The stepmom has a brief conversation with him as the naked teen hides behind the bed. She keeps playing with her stepdaughter's pussy, placing her hand over the teen's mouth to keep her silent. Once the guy leaves the room and the stepmom gets free reign to do whatever, she basically tosses her stepdaughter onto the bed and sits on her pretty face.

We see the stepmother squirt buckets as her naked stepdaughter tongue-fucks her delicious MILF asshole. It's 1-1 when it comes to orgasms, in case you haven't been keeping score!

Anyway, the stepmom decides to respond with some ass eating of her own as the naked girl rests on all fours, waiting to get cum one more time. There's one more interruption for them to go through, but at the end of the day, it's one of the hottest stepmom/stepdaughter sex sessions out there. We won't spoil the final orgasm count for you, you'll have to see it for yourself.