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Sneaky sex with my parents’ friend’s slutty daughter

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The slut I was chatting online with turned out to be my parents’ friend’s daughter!My place is being repaired so for the last couple of weeks I have been staying at my parents’ friend’s
The slut I was chatting online with turned out to be my parents’ friend’s daughter!My place is being repaired so for the last couple of weeks I have been staying at my parents’ friend’s place.She’s known my folks all their life, and was gracious enough to let me stay in the guest room.

During my stay, I met a sexy slut online and started chatting with her.Things heated up pretty fast, she was flashing me her tits, ass and snatch, but since she wasn’t showing her face, I had no clue who she could be, so the possibility of her being somebody and you never even crossed my mind.My chat got interrupted when my mom’s friend called me down for lunch.

Her daughter was there too, a sexy blonde teen with a pretty hot body and nice tits and when I paid attention to her pink sweater I realized it was the exact same one the online slut I was chatting with was wearing!OMG, they were the same person!I was having nasty cyber sex with my mom’ friend’s teen daughter!

As soon as I realized this, she began flirting with me, sensually biting on her banana and crawling under the table behind her mother’s back to grab my big throbbing cock and give me some head!She opened her mouth and slid my cock all the way to the back of her tongue “aaaahhh,” when she touched me there.I didn’t know what to do, her mom was just a few feet away from us!

It was scary, but also hot, so fucking hot!When her mom sat on the table wondering where her daughter went I was terrified she would peek under the table and see her sucking and stroking my fat cock!Her tongue began to work up and down, her fingers were caressing my balls, her lips were kissing the head of my cock.

She was circling her tongue around the head of my cock like a slut!She cupped my balls and gently massaged them.I thought I would come right in her mouth, but the little slut seemed to know it and stopped and held my cock between her teeth, and slowly scraped them up my shaft, she was far too cock hungry to care that her mother was sitting near us.

Luckily, she left after a couple of minutes.I was so fucking horny, I grab her slutty teen daughter, ripped off her clothes, threw her over the kitchen table and started pounding her dripping wet snatch sideways from behind!I pushed in so deep, I actually bottomed out in her cunt.

Her juicy bubble ass and big tits looked so much better in real life than through the webcam!I kept going faster and faster “I’m gonna cum all over you” I was whispering in her ear.As I thrusted hard and fast my balls were slapping against her ass.

I put this horny babe on her back, spread eagled her and banged her in missionary position while she rubbed her pussy and played with her big bangers.Her bush covered pussy looked amazing!I flipped her over again, bending her over the table and fucking her from behind.

She grabbed on tight to the table, holding on to dear life while spreading her ass cheeks wide open so I could pound her even deeper with my throbbing cock.I lied on my back on the kitchen floor and the naked babe squat on top of me.Straddling herself over me, she grabbed my slick dick in her hand and pressed it up against her pussy hole.

She was riding me in reverse cowgirl.Loved seeing those beautiful bouncing tits.Sexy little bitch continued rubbing her muff, screaming at the top of her lungs and immediately, another orgasm crashed over her.

Her joy in sucking and fucking was refreshing as hell.I was worried her mom might hear us, but at this point, I was so fucking turned on I honestly didn’t give a fuck, I just wanted to bang her daughter’s brains out!I could find another place to live, but you don’t come across a sexy slut like this every day, LOL!