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Teen nerd enjoys sex with two naked girls: his classmate and her stepmom

73% (26 votes)
Really, could you imagine those two naked girls going crazy all over your dick as they do in this scene? It's hard to say which one is hotter – the teen girl or her stepmom. Anyway, let's get into the plot!
There's a schoolboy named Jordi, he decides to hang out at his classmate's house after school. The girl's name is Baby, guess her parents hated her from the moment she was born. Alright, so the teens have many plans, which mostly involve fooling around with each other's naked privates. Baby's stepmom shows up to greet her daughter's study buddy. She extends her hand to shake his as her MILF titties almost fall out of her bra.

Once the teens have free reign to do whatever they deem worth doing... Well, Baby starts deepthroating Jordi's big naked cock. The teen girl does a great job with it bare stripping half naked and deciding to ride his barely legal meat. We see passionate sex from the horny teen couple, Jordi eagerly sucks on Baby's nipples as the girl slides her wet naked pussy up and down his cock. The teens enjoy hardcore banging in various positions, including sideways, missionary, and doggy.

All signs point to an explosive ending that will see Baby's naked pussy getting filled with fresh spunk, but this passion session comes to screeching halt once Baby's stepmom appears in the doorway. She's wearing her lingerie and she's making suggestive gestures at Jordi! He can't focus on fucking the teen's naked pussy while staring at stepmom, so he decides to split. Jordi finds this horny blonde stepmom waiting in her room, eager to get fucked on all fours. Baby soon joins the action after hearing the noises.
The half naked girl pulls her stepmom by the hair as Jordi drives his dick deeper and deeper inside of her pussy. The ending sees both Baby and her stepmom share the schoolboy's massive load. Both the young naked girl and her stepmom cannot wait to repeat this twisted FFM experience in the future. What a fine way to spend the remainder of your school years!